Stakeholder Data Reports (Factbooks)

A true data-driven organisation uses data as a key underpinning of its engagement with stakeholders and one of the most effective ways to do that is through a Stakeholder Data Report (Factbook).

Business Intelligence

Despite the availability of many BI tool and the creation of internal BI teams, this area remains complex, with many organisations still dissatisfied with their BI.

Evidence-Led Organisations

As with all cultural change, there has to be clear commitment from the top for the change to permeate the whole organisation.

Data Science

When used effectively, data science can provide incomparable insight and evidence to drive business objectives.

Data-Driven Services

Data can be sold as is, turned into data-enabled products and become the foundation for consultancy services. Choosing the right product(s) can be complex.

Data Governance

Data is an increasingly important strategic asset for an organisation and like all important assets it should be managed within a formal framework.

Open Data

Open Data means data that is published in accordance with the principles set out in the Open Data Charter, which speak for themselves, though in the private sector we would replace the word ‘Citizen’ with ‘Community’: