Most people know what they want a survey to ask and can make a reasonable attempt at writing the questions without confusing, leading or disengaging the reader.  However, as they soon find out once, understanding what the results actually mean is far more complex than it appeared at the outset and there’s a good chance the questions weren’t asked in quite the right way needed to join up the dots.  Quite often people get knowledge from surveys but not actionable insights and the survey becomes a wasted opportunity.

To get the most from a survey we start with the definitive results we want the survey to deliver and working backwards from there to create questions that will provide an ‘evidence chain’, where each step in the reasoning to the result links to the next.  This ensures that when your results say “customer/stakeholder segment A prefers Y over X” you are not left asking “but would they prefer Z if it were offered to them?” or “what do we need to change with X to make that preferred?”.   That way the results are actionable not just interesting.

There are many ways in which we can help you:

  • Design a survey
  • Analyse survey results and produce a full report of actionable insights and other key information
  • Review the results already produced from a survey to check they stack up and see what other insights can be inferred.