Digital Inclusion

As governments and and infrastructure companies rush to move all their services online, the prospect of a proportion of society being digitally excluded remains a concern.  Addressing this means taking positive steps to ensure digital inclusion by improving access, affordability, skills and devices.

This is a big topic and we are only experts in some parts of it – overall strategies, the use of open data to measure/map the scale and depth of the problem, engagement with those affected, and best practice for improving access.  We have a number of partners who have expertise in  the other areas.

We can help you in a number of ways:

  • Develop a national or regional strategy.
  • Design a service to address a part of the problem, such as mapping broadband access, or mapping the hardest hit regions.
  • Produce best practice guides on how to improve rural broadband access.
  • Engage with local communities on their individual need and help them to implement proven solutions.