What we do

We help organisations evolve and so secure their future, by adopting the following strategies:

  1. Strong corporate and personal integrity
  2. Evidence based decision making
  3. A data-literate and data-rich organisation, board and customer community
  4. Following and contributing to best practice
  5. Regular independent assessment and review

In our view, organisations that adopt these strategies are more honest, resilient, engaged, successful and respected.

To understand more about how we help organisations adopt these strategies, see our areas of expertise below:

How we do it

Each of our services reflect the extensive expertise of our consultants and have been refined by them over many years into versatile and comprehensive processes. If you have other requirements then please contact us and we will try to oblige.


Developing a great strategy takes experience. Many of the strategies we see are either too operational and not actually strategic, or too loose and provide little guidance on how they should be implemented. We can help you develop a genuine strategy that you feel takes you exactly where you want to go in exactly the way you want to get there.


We can implement any project from small to large, adapting our processes to match the risk, resources and quality of outcome desired. Sometimes you need a high quality result that your reputation rides on and other times just a simple deliverable that will be developed and refined in later stages. We work to your priorities not ours.


Independent review is key to improving the quality of your organisation and the services it delivers. We are a trusted, neutral and independent reviewer that tells you exactly what you need to know with a clarity that you can act on immediately, while our tested review framework will give confidence in the outcome to all those involved.


Policy development is quite an art as so much needs to be factored in. A good policy has stakeholder approval, clarity for implementors, flexibility for regulators and the quality to pass any external review. We can handle any aspect for you with particular experience of producing policies for complex stakeholder environments.


Expertise brought in at the right stage in product/service development can mean the difference between an excellent product or just another service or even a failed product that never gets off the ground. Our extensive experience of success and failure means we can provide you a full service from complete product/service design to specialist advice.


Standards development, from capability maturity models to technical protocols, is an often overlooked strategic tool. Used right it can provide strategic control and stability, and if ignored can leave you exposed or even locked out. We can help design standards, build training and accreditation models and guide them through to industry adoption.


Sometimes you need another C-level manager but employing someone full time is too early, too expensive or you don't have enough work for them. We can help out, whether it's providing a virtual C-level service on an ongoing basis or an interim C-level resource while you restructure or recruit for a permanent resource.


Boards are special beasts because board directors, with their legal responsibilities and limited time to engage, need special handling. We know because we sit on boards too. If your board needs independent expert advice from someone with gravitas, expertise and the ability to talk director to director, then we are here to help.


High quality long form content from our team.


Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

multi-talented, strategic thinker

Jay enabled us, coached us, and has given us the capacity to launch and develop the .so ccTLD

Mohamed Ibrahim

Head, National ICT and Digital Economy

let me add my thanks

your contributions were invaluable and I very much appreciate the help you provided

David Conrad



 techobscura Ltd is a New Zealand registered company, NZBN 9429046526465.

Our company

We are a modern digital consultancy. Our specialist expertise brings together technology, policy, governance and business enabling us to understand and support the full scope of your organisation. We back this up with a wide range of services from short operational projects to long term strategic engagements.

Our People

Our Managing Director and principal consultant is Jay Daley, a well known Internet expert, with over thirty years experience as technologist, business leader and policy specialist. Supporting him we have a network of equally experienced independent specialists and contractors.

We are headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand and have worked with organisations based in the US, a number of European countries, eastern and southern Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

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